NRL of Herpes Virus Infections

Laboratory “Herpes and Oncogenic Viruses”

National Reference Laboratory for Herpes Virus Infections


Head of Laboratory: Assoc. Prof. Evelina Shikova, MD, PhD

The Laboratory provides herpes- (HSV1&2, HZV, EBV and CMV), papilloma- and polyomavirus diagnostics; consults doctors and patients on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of herpes-, papilloma- and polyomavirus-associated diseases; performs quality control of virological laboratories in the country; implements training programs for doctors and other health care professionals.

Research is focused primarily on the study of prevalence of HPV (HPV types) in different groups of Bulgarian women and in non-cervical cancers in both men and women. A second subject of research is the molecular epidemiology of newly discoveredpolyomavireses (HPyV6, HPyV7, HPyV9, TSPyV, WUPyV, KIPyV, and MCPyV). Another researchfocus is on in vitro testing for anti-HIV effect of syntesized and natural compounds.

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