NRL of Hepatitis viruses

NRL of Hepatitis viruses




Address: Stoletov Blvd. 44A, Sofia 1233


Laboratory staff:

Head of NRL ,,Hepatitis viruses”: TenchoTenev, MD 

  • Assistant Professor Elica Golkocheva-Markova,PhD – biologist
  • Chijdem Ismailova, MSc – biologist
  • Viliana Yoncheva, MSc – biologist


Laboratory activities

The main activities of the NRL ,,Hepatitis viruses” are the diagnosis of hepatotropic viruses by serological and molecular methods. The following hepatitis markers are detected:

  • for Hepatitis A virus (HAV) - Anti-HAV IgM and Anti-HAV IgG;
  • for Hepatitis B virus (HBV) - Anti-Hbc IgM, Anti-Hbc IgG, Anti-Hbe, HbeAg, Anti-HBs, HBV DNA and HBV genotype;
  • for Hepatitis D Virus (HDV) - Anti-HDV IgM and Anti-HDV IgG;
  • for Hepatitis C Virus ( HCV) - Anti-HCV and HCV RNA;
  • for Hepatitis E virus ( HEV) - Anti-HEV IgM and Anti-HEV IgG.

Diagnostic activities related to serological detection follow the accredited standard BDS ENISO/IEC17025.

Participation in inter-laboratory and international control

The NRL “Hepatitis viruses” is responsible for the organization of national internal control in medical laboratories that perform diagnosis of hepatotropic viruses.

The laboratory participates in international external control of quality assurance and standardization in laboratory medicine, conducted by INSTAND, Germany.


The NRL ,,Hepatitis viruses” provides training programs for graduate and PhD students, and postgraduate training for healthcare professionals.

Scientific studies


The main research topics of the NRL “Hepatitis viruses” are:

  • Genotype distribution of HCV and HBV in patients with acute or chronic infection, in general population and in risk groups, such as intravenous drug users.
  • Development of post vaccinated anti-HBV response.
  • Distribution and role of HEV infection among non-A non-C viral hepatitis.

Important publications

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