NRL "Enteroviruses"


Lubomira Nikolaeva-Glomb, MD, PhD

Lubomira Nikolaeva-Glomb, MD, PhD

44A Gen. Stoletov Blvd
Sofia 1233,


•    Asya Stoyanova, MS
•    Viliana Iontcheva, MS
•    Violeta Dobrinova, BS
•    Aneta Mihaylova


Working hours:
7.30 AM – 2.30 PM

Entero staff

The National Reference Laboratory for Enteroviruses is accredited as part of The European Regional Network of the World Health Organization for polio surveillance. The Laboratory is a member of the Global Polio Laboratory Network. The European region is an area without polio and timely and high-quality laboratory tests are essential to ensure that any case of importation of the virus can now be successfully established and controlled.

Virological and serological testing of enteroviral infections and infections caused by other human enteric viruses (noro-, astrophysical, adeno-, rotaviruses, etc.) is routinely performed in The National Reference Laboratory for Enteroviruses, too.
Diagnosis is carried out by classical and modern molecular biological techniques - isolation of virus in cell cultures, identification of the isolated virus by virus-neutralizing response, detection of viral antigen by immunoenzymatic techniques, detection of antiviral antibodies of class IgM and/or IgG, PCR , RT-PCR, sequence analysis, etc. Diagnostic activities related to virus isolation in cell culture and identification of the isolated virus follows accredited standard BS EN ISO/IEC17025.

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