Unit Disinfection, Disinsection and Deratization


Main activities:

  • To provide expert advice on problems related to applied pest preventive or control methods at epidemic situations;
  • To research scientific problems and recent practical developments on DDD methods and practices . To publish studies results in specialized editions;
  • To test biological effectiveness of biocides in compliance with requirements ISO/IEС 17025:2005;
  • To assist and advise public health specialists from RHIs and medical establishments as well as pest control personnel;
  • To provide specialised consultation on chemical and microbiological control of biocides, and vector and rodent control methods and practices;
  • To develop ordinances, guidance materials, and medical standards concerning HAI and CD prevention and control;
  • To participate in MoH commissions of experts and working groups;
  • To prepare public information about vector-borne diseases;
  • To produce chemical and biological indicators for sterilization control;
  • To conduct postgraduated courses and individual education plans for specialists in disinfection, sterilization, DDD chemistry, medical zoology and arachnoenthomology with disinsection and deratization;
  • To conduct legal capacity course for DDD management according to Ordinance No 3/24.01.2005.

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