Unit Epidemiology and Surveillance of Communicable Deseases


Assoc. Prof. Anna Kurchatova, PhD

Assistant Nadezhda Vladimirova, MD

Teodora Georgieva, MD

Antoaneta Minkova

eng. Ivo Stanev

Aneta Gandeva, Health Inspector

Anni Philipova

The Epidemiology and Surveillance of Communicable Diseases Unit addresses scientific advices and assists Bulgarian Ministry of Health in organization of preventive and control activities in the field of CD surveillance. Units’ specialists collaborate with regional epidemiologists and health officers during outbreak investigation and epidemic management. The main activities of the experts:

  • To develop studies on problems of CD surveillance, control and prevention; to publish and disseminate studies results to professionals and public;
  • To organise and conduct courses and individual postgraduate education for public health specialists from Regional Health Inspectorates (RHIs) and health facilities on different topics concerning epidemiology, surveillance, prevention and control of communicable diseases; to teach PhD students and to prepare research fellows in the field of epidemiology;
  • To collect, collate and analyse national epidemiological data; to assess epidemic situation and to provide evaluation of immunoprophylaxis; to prepare current and annual CD analyses, assessments and forecasts; to prepare and upload CD bulletins on a weekly basis on the website of NCIPD;
  • To perform tasks derived from a designated role of NCIPD as a National Coordinating Competent Body for communication with European Centre for Diseases prevention and Control (ECDC) on technical and scientific issues referring to public health surveillance, training and scientific expertise;
  • To participate in international specific dedicated information systems, committees, and working groups regarding CD surveillance aspects;
  • To assist MoH and RHIs in their daily work on implementation of National Immunisation schedule and to carry out vaccines promotion in public in order to foster achieving of high immunisation coverage at district level;
  • To interact with MoH and RHIs for adverse events following immunisation (AEFI) surveillance establishment; to provide expert advice to public health specialists on AEFI investigations;
  • To provide information and methodological support to RHIs for carrying out border health control focused on preventing importation of CDs and health events, concerning public health threats;
  • To collaborate with MoH on risk evaluation and to assist in organisation of control measures during epidemic outbreaks and public health emergencies;
  • To provide information in the field of communicable diseases’ prevention via NCIPD website.

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